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The Impact of 3D VR Reconstructions: Gurob

Question - Virtual Reality without evidence: should reconstructions be made where an ancient site offers next to no evidence?

A VRML model of the town and palaces of Gurob in the New Kingdom (16.1MB)

A selection of JPEG still images of Gurob: the town and palaces in the New Kingdom (about 1250 BC)

Background information on Gurob

Comments on the model: As we know very little about the palace, we have reconstructed it in a simplistic manner yet trying our best to retain the shape of the probable form. Much of the reconstruction was spent on the houses surrounding the palace.

Evidence: The palaces of Gurob are almost totally destroyed. The reconstruction is based on other contemporay palaces. However, almost all palaces so far excavated in Egypt are very different from one another. The reconstruction is therefore highly hypothetical.

Does the Gurob question emerge from the pages?

Does the reconstruction help you learn about the site, or impose itself as reality?

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