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The Impact of 3D VR Reconstructions: Fustat

Question - How realistic is the description of 14 storey high buildings?

A VRML model of the town of Fustat (38MB)

A selection of JPEG still images of Fustat

Background information on Fustat

Comments on the model: The sheer scale of the townscape was such that the detailed reconstruction of the whole city was too demanding for the computer resource. The high-rise buildings must have given an impressive skyscape in those days.

Evidence: In contrast to many other reconstructions on Digital Egypt for Universities there is much evidence for Fustat. Parts of the city were excavated. There are descriptions of medieval authors and parts of the town (mosques) are still standing. For the domestic buildings modern prototypes (Arabia, Egypt) were used.

Does the Fustat question emerge from the pages?

Does the reconstruction help you learn about the site, or impose itself as reality?

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