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Theban Tombs


Tombs and tomb-chapels earlier than New Kingdom, allotted numbers

Late Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period

185. Seniqer, treasurer of the god, First Intermediate Period

186. Ihy, governor, First Intermediate Period

405. Khenty, governor, First Intermediate Period

413. Unasankh, overseer of Upper Egypt, late Old Kingdom


Middle Kingdom

60. Senet, mother of vizier Intefiqer, early Dynasty 12

103. Dagi, vizier, late Dynasty 11

117. name unknown, Dynasty 11; tomb taken over later by Djedmutiufankh, draughtsman of Mansion of Gold, Third Intermediate Period

240. Meru, overseer of sealers, Dynasty 11

280. Meketra, treasurer, early Middle Kingdom

281. number allotted to the unfinished temple for cult of an unknown early Middle Kingdom king

308. Kemsit, sole adornment of the king, Dynasty 11

310. name unknown, official, Dynasty 11

311. Khety, treasurer, Dynasty 11

313. Henenu, high steward, Dynasty 11

314. Horhotep, (royal) guard, Dynasty 11

315. Ipi, vizier, Dynasty 11

316. Neferhotep, head archer, early Middle Kingdom

319. Neferu, king's daughter, and Iah, king's wife, Dynasty 11

366. Djar, king's guard of the inner palace, Dynasty 11

386. Intef, general, Dynasty 11


Second Intermediate Period

A2. name unknown, Dynasty 17 (?)


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