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Book of the Dead Chapter 64

This is one of the more difficult compositions in the Book of the Dead, with a longer and an abbreviated version, neither known before the Seventeenth Dynasty.

[] ssmt ssw r.s prt m r n itm r qma.n.f ky xprw

chapter 64

ink sf dwA bkA
rwty r mst.f m sp ky StA
bA ir nTrw
dd Htpwt n nTrw sbAw imnt pt Hmw iAbty
nb Hrwy mAA stwt.f nb sTsw pr m ixxw
xprw.f m pr mni
i.bikwy.fy Hryw irwt.sn sDmyw xt m nswsw
sSmyw mni r StAyt
sTAy ra Sms m st Hrt iwAy Hr-tp Hrt
nb kAri aHa m wmt tw ntf pw ink Ts-pXr

Mine is yesterday and tomorrow, Ruty pregnant to his birth on the time of another secret
the power that makes the gods,
gives offerings to the gods at the west gate of the sky, eastern oar
lord of the two faces who sees his rays, lord of elevation who comes
he whose forms are in the house of mooring
O his double falcon upon their form, hearing matters ...
Who guide the moored to the secret sanctuary
guide Ra, follow in the upper place, adored at the height of the sky
lord of the shrine, standing in that thickness, I am he, and he is I

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