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God of male procreative power. Main deity at the temples of Koptos (Upper Egyptian nome 5) and Akhmim (Upper Egyptian nome 9). He is always shown (from the late predynastic period) with an erect phallus. In 2D representations he is shown standing in front of a hut and one or more lettuce plants (perhaps used as an aphrodisiac, because the lettuce was tall and delivered a milky substance when pressed). In the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC) Min appears often as Min-Hor-nakht (Min-Horus, the strong); in the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) the combination Amun-Min became common. Min was also the god of the desert; one of his cult centres (Koptos) was the starting point for expeditions into the desert. In connection with fertility he was also a god of agriculture. In Koptos Isis took the role of wife of Min. The Ptolemaic and Roman temple at this place was most likely a double temple dedicated to Min and Isis.

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lettuce on a relief
Min on a stela
private stela
head of statue
UC 34696
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