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Sed festival: main ceremonies

1. the festival starts with some foundation rituals

2. the king visits building works and the census of cattle


3. procession: the king appears for the first time in the Sed cloak, next to him appear the king's children

4. ceremony in a building: the lion furniture procession for the rebirth and regeneration of the king

5. people from all parts of the country appear in front of the king


6. the people appear again in front of the king

7. A Min procession

  8. the king stops before the chapel of Wepwawet, where he puts ointment on the standard. He changes his cloak and in a ritual a run with the standard. The running seems to be the most important part of the festival. It often symbolised the whole festival

9. census of cattle, presenting the cattle to the gods

  10. bringing of the carrying chair
  11. the king takes his place in the carrying chair
12. procession of the carrying chair



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