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Harageh , tomb 290

the ritual composition written on UC 16128

Engelbach 1923: pl. LXXVIII (translation by Battiscombe Gunn on 30)


(1) (? Being wi)th Ptah: 'One shall give (thee)... from thy gallons (?), thou shalt drink water off the altar (2) of Re; Osiris shall give thee the (assumption of a new form?). Thou shalt behold the sheen of the water, when thou hast forsaken thy house (3) of darkness; Nile shall flow seven cubits deep over the ground of thy house of thirst. (4) Thou shalt drink a jug milk, the present of Sekhat-Hor; thou shalt put on (5) the 'pure'-garment, having put off any other, when the hands of Tayet have clothed thee. Thou shalt look at the sun's disk; (6) thou shalt adore Re; thou shalt propitiate him who rises in Nun. Bread shall be given thee in (7) Memphis, pure because of(?) thy offerings.

the ritual composition written on UC 16129

Engelbach 1923: pl. LXXIX (translation by Battiscombe Gunn on 30-31)


(1) A spell for offering things to the Spirits, opening the mouth at the beginning of reading (?): (2) 'Heaven shall be opened to thee; earth shall be opened to thee in the Necropolis. Thou shalt come forth and go in (3) with Re. Be thou free like the Lords of Eternity; receive snw-cakes as the gift of Ptah, pure (4) bread off the altars of Horus. Thy soul shall live, thy members shall flourish; thy sight shall be clear in the ways (of darkness). (5) Nile shall give thee water; Napri shall give thee bread; Hathor shall give thee beer; Heset (6) shall give thee milk. Thou shalt wash thy feet upon slabs of silver on (7) bases (?) of turquoise; thy shalt put on the 'pure'-garment.

The last text has several parallels, notably a fine stela of the 18th Dynasty in Florence no. 2567 (Bosticco 1965: 38-39, no. 32)

you can compare the two texts

Testa 1986 (publication of faience pieces with the text, discussing further parallel texts)


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