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Siptah (Sapath) (about 1194/93-1186/85 BC)

King of the late Nineteenth Dynasty. There continues to be much debate over the exact sequence of events in the late Nineteenth Dynasty, after the reign of Merenptah: fragmentary or scattered manuscripts and inscriptions provide inconclusive evidence for the relations between Amenmesse, Sety II, queen Tawesret and Siptah.

Horus name: Kanakht Meryhapi Sankhtanebemkafraneb
Nebty name: Saaiunu
Golden Falcon name: ...miitefre
Prenomen: Sekhaenre-meryamun (early form), Akhenre-setepenre (late form)
Nomen: Siptah Merenptah
Burial place: Rock cut tomb in Thebes (Valley of the kings tomb 47)

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

Objects from the mortuary temple of the king in Thebes

Further Attestations:



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