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Ramesses III (about 1183/82-1152/51 BC)

King of the Twentieth Dynasty. He defended Egypt against attempted invasions by Libyans (western nomads) and peoples said to come from islands and sea lands (known in Egyptology as 'Sea Peoples', perhaps mainly Aegean and west Anatolian groups). Twentieth Dynasty judicial documents, exact date uncertain, record a palace conspiracy against the king: it is possible that the king died as a result of this attack. His son and successor Ramesses IV had a great document compiled, listing his achievements: this is the longest surviving papyrus scroll (known as the Great Harris Papyrus, after its first modern owner: preserved in the British Museum, EA 9999).

Horus name: Kanakht Aanesyt
Nebty name: Werhebusedmitatjenen
Golden Falcon name: Userrenputmiatum
Prenomen: Usermaatre-meryamun
Nomen: Ramesses Heqaiunu

Burial place: Rock cut tomb in Thebes(Valley of the Kings tomb 11)

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

Palace and Architectural fragments from Tell el Yahudiyeh (Kitchen 1983a: 259-260)

Further Attestations (only the more important):

Lower Egypt:

Upper Egypt:

Attestations and buildings at Thebes

Attestations outside of Egypt



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