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Ramesses II Usermaatre-setepenre (about 1279-1213 BC)

King of the Nineteenth Dynasty. From the number and scale of his monuments, and length of his reign, he is one of the most important rulers of Egypt. The name of the king has been found at almost every site in Egypt. From his war against the Hittites, the battle of Qadesh was recorded in a pictorial and written composition unparalleled in extent among Egyptian sources. In his 21st year he made a peace treaty with the Hittite king Hattusilis III; both Egyptian and Hittite versions survive.

Horus name: Kanakht Merymaat
Nebty name: Mekkemetwafkhasut
Golden Falcon name: Userrenput-aanehktu
Prenomen: Usermaatre-setepenre
Nomen: Ramesses (meryamun)


Burial place: rock cut tomb in Thebes(Valley of the Kings tomb 7)


Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

UC 12765, faience plaque with the name of the king

UC 12765, faience plaque UC 12765, faience plaque


shabti (from Memphis ?)
Inscriptions from Sinai
UC 38072
UC 35499, from Sinai

UC 38072 (shabti, from Memphis, note pencilled on base)

The writing of the name Ramesses changed in his reign: from ra-ms-s to ra-ms-sw
Spalinger 1980: 94-99
the old writing, latest attested in year 18
the new writing, first attested in year 8, later very common
UC 29194 UC 61296

The most important monuments:

Further Attestations:

other temples of the king in Nubia:

family of the king (selection from objects in the Petrie Museum)
(click on the image for a larger picture and, where marked yellow, more information):

Isetnofret (wife)
Mut-Nefertari (wife)
fragment of canopic jar
Khaemwaset (son of the king)
UC 38076, shabti UC 16418 UC 2311, shabti of Khaemwaset, son Ramesses' II UC 2311, shabti of Khaemwaset, son Ramesses' II



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