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Ptolemy (XV) Caesarion (Ptolemaios XV)

Caesarion (born at the 23th June 47 BC) was the son of Cleopatra VII and Caesar. The child appears early in hieroglyphic Egyptian sources as Pharaoh, and son of Caesar, whereas in Rome itself Caesar seems never to have mentioned the child. Caesarion played an important part in the political struggles after the death of Caesar because Cleopatra claimed that he was the only legal heir of Caesar. Caesarion was killed after the suicide of his mother following her defeat by Octavian (future Augustus) in 31 BC.

Horus name: Hunu
Nebty name:
Golden Falcon name:
Prenomen: Iuaenpanetjernetinehm Setepenptah Irimaatre Sekhemankhenamun
Nomen: Ptolemaios / Kaisaros (Caesar)

Burial place: Alexandria (?)

Attestation in the Petrie Museum:

UC 14357 mentioned together with his mother Cleopatra VII on a stela from Memphis (click on the image to see the whole stela)
head of statuette of Caesarion (click on the image for another view)



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