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Ptolemy (III) Euergetes 246 - 222 BC

The king and his wife Berenike II were mainly involved on the military-political front in wars against the Seleucids, the Hellenistic dynasty ruling Syria. The king rebuilt the Serapeum in Alexandria and built a second one in Canopus. The Decree of Canopus issued through Egyptian temple officials in his reign included an adjustment of the calendar to add an extra day every four years (reform implemented two centuries later, under Julius Caesar, known as the Julian calendar).

Horus name: Hekennetjeruremetjetheref
Nebty name: Qenunedjtinetjeruinebmenkhentameri
Golden Falcon name: Werpehtiiriahet Nebhebused-mi-ptahtatjenen
Prenomen: Iuaennetjeruisnui Setepenre Sekhemankhenamun
Nomen: Ptolemy (ankh-djet mery-Ptah)

Burial place: Alexandria

Attestation in the Petrie Museum:

Foundation deposit (unprovenanced)

UC 17229

Further Attestations:



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