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Pepy II

King of the Sixth Dynasty (2300-2181 BC). Last well-attested king of the Old Kingdom, with an exceptionally long reign estimated variously between sixty and ninety years. A long reign seems confirmed by evidence that the king was a child when he came to the throne: there are images of the king as a child, including a well-known statuette showing him on the lap of his mother (see list of attestations below). The throne-name Neferkare was used by other kings later in Egyptian history: therefore references to the throne-name alone can only be dated to this reign if there is corroboration (for example, when an object inscribed with the name is of late Old Kingdom type).

Horus name: Netjery-khaw
Nebty name: Netjery-khaw-nebty
Golden Falcon name: Bik-nub-sekhem
Prenomen: Neferkare
Nomen: Pepy

Burial place: Pyramid in south Saqqara

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

Further Attestations:

King mentioned in biographies of his officials

Smaller objects:




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