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The Egyptian - Coptic calendar

The Coptic calendar is the 'Alexandrian year' which became in 30-26 BC the civil year in Egypt, the Julian year of European time-reckoning: this is essentially the ancient Egyptian calendar of 365 days, but with an extra day added each four years to keep it in line with the solar year of about 365 1/4 days.

Egyptian dates Egyptian name
Coptic (Sahidic)
modern dates (Julian)
I Axt DHwty Thout Tut 29th August - 27th September
II Axt pa-n-ipAt Paope Babah 28th September - 27th October
III Axt Hwt-Hr Hathor Hatur 28th October - 26th November
IV Axt kA-Hr-kA Koiahk Kiyahk 27th November - 26th December
I prt tA-aAbt Tobe Tubah 27th December - 25th January
II prt (pA-n)mxr Mshir Amshir 26thth January - 24th February
III prt pA-n-imn-Htp Paremhotep Baramhat 25th February - 26th March
IV prt (pA-n)-rnnwtt Parmoute Baramudah 27th March - 25th April
I Smw (pA-n)-xnsw Pashons Bashans 26th April - 25th May
II Smw pA-n-int Paone Ba'unah 26th May - 24th June
III Smw ipip Epep Abib 25th June - 24th July
IV Smw mswt-ra Mesore Misra 25th July - 23rd August
    1-5 the five epagomenal days  
    (6) in an intercalation a sixth day was added.  


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