Museum number - UC410
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Object group - stelae

Description - 7 limestone fragments of a private stela. Worked on both sides; sunk relief, except the sun disc and rays which are raised. Traces of red paint. Obverse is of better workmanship and may be older, so probably a reused slab rather than a double-sided stela. Obverse: a false-door stela with cavetto cornice; figure of (tomb-?)owner wearing collars of gold, kneeling in attitude of respect; before him are five columns of inscription which mention 'the temple of the Aten'. Reverse: raised frame with offerings of flowers, loaves and fish in relief. Central, sunk panel: sun disc with traces of gold leaf adhering, rays, inscription on both sides of disc, more remaining on right side (cartouches of Akhenaten and Smenkhkare to right of effaced cartouches of the Aten(?)); legs of male figure, facing right and inwards. Joined to UC 1951. Fragment in Cairo: JE 64959 found by Pendlebury in the 'North Harem' in 1934.  

Period - Late Dynasty 18 (1295BCE-1390BCE)
Found at - Amarna
Material - limestone
Measurements - largest width 14.0 cm

Le Droit D'Ainesse d' Ankhesenpaaton

Nefertiti and Cleopatra : Queen-Monarchs of ancient Egypt

Royal Names in Amarna History



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