Museum number - IPSMG : R.1921-89.67
Ipswich Museum Service
Object group - models

Description - Wooden model figures of two women carrying baskets on their heads. Both are crudely carved with dark yellow skin and wearing white painted dresses which cross over the chest exposing one breast and falling to just below the knee. The figures have separate arms which are pinned to the shoulders. The legs are indicated by a roughly carved vertical separating them, the lower legs taper to a blunt tip without feet. Both have baskets in the shape of inverted trapezoids on their head. The sides of these baskets are painted yellow with the black edges painted unevenly and a black horizontal line around the centre. The upper surface of the basket is painted white. The faces have slightly protruding noses with an incised line under the tip; there is also an incised line for the mouth. The almond-shaped eyes are outlined in black with black pupils and white scleries. The wigs are short, extending just to the shoulders, and are painted black. The first woman balances the basket on her head with both arms down by her side. She is carrying a stylized bird in her right hand. This is pinned to her hand with a small wooden peg. The second figure has the right arm by the side and the left raised straight above the head to support the basket. Both figures stand on a single rectangular piece of unpainted wood, which tapers slightly along one long edge. Overall, the workmanship is quite crude. Areas of paint uneven and now damaged in places. A rivulet of black paint runs down the centre of the back of the first woman.  

More details
Period - Dynasty 9 (2025BCE-2160BCE)
Found at - Sedment
Material - wood
Measurements - length 15.1 cm plinth; width 6.5 cm plinth; height 31.5 cm total of plinth and taller figure; height 29.5 cm taller figure



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