Multiscale Cardiovascular Engineering Group


Young Researchers' Conference: At the Frontier of Cardiovascular Research (and we won prizes and all!)

2 August 2018

We hosted in UCL (19th-20th of July 2018) the Young Researchers' Conference

VPHCase Conference vph-case.eu/" target="_self">"Frontiers of Simulation and Experimentation for Personalised Cardiovascular Management and Treatment"

The Conference presented cutting-edge work from young researchers in the Cardiovascular field and it was a super success; we got so many excellent comments from attendees that we might be persuaded to do it again (...hmmmm!)

An excellent Blog from Georgina Cade on the event is here.

We won Prizes (yes!) so, many congratulations to Mirko Bonfanti (Runner-up; 'WEISS Best Simulation Work - Vascular'), Gaia Franzetti (Runner-up; 'WEISS Best Experimental Work') and Carlos Ledezma ('ANSYS 1st Prize for Best Work - Cardiac')