Current Research Projects in CMII

A selection of projects by current research students in CMII:

Comparative Literature

Aisha Al-Omary - Anglophiles and Anglophobes: Occidentalism and Traditionalisation in Egypt Under British Occupation

Stefano Bellin - The Shame of Being Human: A Philosophical Reading of Primo Levi

Naomi Fukuzawa - Narrating Modern Japan in the Literary Writings of Lafcadio Hearn, Pierre Loti, Ōgai Mori and Sōseki Natsume

Mary Hannity -Woman does not mourn: gender trouble and the so-called politics of mourning and melancholia

Aysun Kiran - ‘Rewriting’ the Past Through Cinema: A Comparative Analysis of Conflicting Narratives on Violence in 1990s Turkey

Christiane Luck - ‘I must create new words, must be selective, write differently’ (Verena Stefan): A comparative study of English and German literary texts thematising gender and language

Ayala Maurer-Prager - "On Their Own Terms": The Challenge of Culture in Literary Depictions of Mass Violence 

Stefano Rossoni - Textual Erotics: Reading and Writing in Contemporary Novels

Ayesha Siddiqi - The Representation of Trauma in the Contemporary Pakistani Novel

Kathleen Sparks - No Resort But to Pray’: The Female Slave and Domestic Servant in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature of the American Plantation Region

Film Studies

Özde Çeliktemel-Thomen - Cinema Contested: Regulation of Cinema in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic

André Rui Graça - A Story of Unsuccess: a study on Portuguese cinema, politics and society since 1974

Gender Studies

Magali Burnichon - The Portrayal of Queer Identities on Mainstream Television: How Visual Literacy Redefines Representations of Gender Politics

Ina Goel - Spaces of Exclusion or Sites of Resistance? Hijra communities in Delhi

Jordan Osserman - On the Foreskin Question: Circumcision, Ideology, and the Problems of "Intact" Membership

Marco Venturi - Out of Soho, Back into the Closet: Re-Thinking the London Gay Community

Simone Webb - Genre in the works of early modern women philosophers: Damaris Masham, Mary Astell, Catharine Cockburn

Gender Theory and Literature

Alice Podkolinski - Woman Without the Maternal Within: The Critical Potential of Reading and Writing about Crisis of Shifting Concepts of the Maternal

Cultural Studies
Comparative and Cultural Studies

Marco Benoît Carbone - The myth of Scylla and Charybdis: cultural geography, reception, identity

Alia Soliman - The Doppelgänger in Our Time: The New Faces of the Double in Contemporary Literature and Culture

Political Studies, Sociology and Cultural Studies

Jon Bailes - Ideology and political change: reconsidering awareness, belief, and rationalisation (via Marcuse, Jameson, and Žižek)

Asmaa Soliman - Muslims and Islam in Europe - Young Muslims' Public Engagement in Germany in the context of German Muslim identity

Documentary Track

Amanda Alfaro Córdoba

Amanda Alfaro Córdoba

PhD. Candidate at University College London. Adjunct Lecturer at Universidad de Costa Rica. Television director, writer and producer (En Foco, 2009-2012); Production Assistant of the feature film El Camino (2008). Some of her articles have been published by Central American journals in the Humanities, such as Reflexiones, Comunicación, and Intercambio. Her dissertation about film production, aesthetics, and distribution within Central America and the Caribbean is progressing within the Documentary track Ph.D. at the SELCS Department (UCL).