Public Engagement

The UCL Public Engagement Unit (PEU) works to support and fund activities which encourage a culture of two-way conversation between UCL staff and students and people outside the university.

Effective public engagement is mutually beneficial, with all parties learning from each other, through sharing knowledge, expertise and skills. Projects can be used to inform research and enhance teaching and learning, while building trust, understanding and collaboration, and increasing the sector's relevance to, and impact on, society.

Laura Cream - Public Engagement Co-ordinator

Laura Cream

Laura provides advice and support on:

  • Creating and developing ideas for public engagement
  • Connecting with other UCL colleagues for inspiration and advice on projects
  • Evaluating the impact of public engagement
  • Applying for PEU and/or external funding
  • Pathways to Impact planning for research grant applications.

Laura Cream

UCL School of Laws, Arts & Humanities, Social & Historical Sciences (SLASH)

UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES)


Tel: 020 3108 1197
Internal: 51197