Taught or Research Pathway

Which Is Right For You?

Two different pathways (taught and research) are available for the following MAs, allowing you to tailor your MA programme to your academic and professional needs:

Taught Pathway:

  • Choose from a wide range of taught modules
  • Apply research skills and knowledge gained from the taught sessions to a 12,000 word dissertation based on your independent research
  • Explore different aspects of the discipline in your coursework and pursue your specific interest in the dissertation
  • Combination of diverse taught topics and the dissertation provides great academic experience and a range of transferable skills to help you in your further career.

Research Pathway:

  • A greater emphasis is placed on independent research, without losing the benefit of high-quality teaching and academic support
  • Choose from a wide range of optional modules, but take fewer taught modules in order devote more time to the longer 18,000 word dissertation
  • The experience of independent research you will gain on this pathway is especially valuable if you are thinking of pursuing further academic research after your MA.

Further Information:

  • Both pathways culminate in the award of an MA degree
  • CMII does not currently offer MRes degrees
  • For a detailed breakdown of credit requirements and module options, please refer to the programme pages for your chosen MA.