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Science and Literature seminars: A political ecology of things of the mind

In the work of Bernard Stiegler, following and developing that of Gilbert Simondon, forms of existence are described as emerging through interdependent processes of psychic, collective, and technical individuation — processes which, he claims, currently find themselves short-circuited by structures of automation in hock to the interests of short-term finance capital. Against this horizon, Stiegler calls on his readers to take responsibility for their own emergence as mature, rational beings, as part of what he calls an ecology of spirit, or of mind. This paper explores the very possibility of such an ecology. What kind of responsibility is at work here? What, for Stiegler, is the relation between emergence and agency, or constitutive technicity and the will? How can Stiegler insist both that I am produced through processes which logically and chronologically precede me, and that I am charged with responsibility for taking care of myself and others, in part by acting into these very processes? How, exactly, am I to care for the conditions of my own possibility, not to mention yours? More...

Starts: Feb 26, 2015 5:30:00 PM

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Thursdays 1pm –2pm and Fridays 11am –12pm in room 103, first floor, German Department