Dr Tessa Hauswedell

Dr Tessa Hauswedell

Research Associate

Dept of Information Studies

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Nov 2013

Research summary

I am working as a research associate on the multidisciplinary research project Oceanic Exchanges (OcEx) which is funded through the Transatlantic Partnership for Social Sciences and Humanities 2016 Digging into Data Challenge.

This project is concerned with examining how the dramatic expansion of newspapers over the 19th century created a global culture of abundant, rapidly circulating information. The significance of the newspaper has largely been defined in metropolitan and national terms in scholarship, while digitization by local institutions further situates newspapers in national contexts. The project brings together leading efforts in computational periodicals research from six countries—Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States—to examine patterns of information flow across national and linguistic boundaries. 

My interest within this project lies with examining how the theme of emigration and immigration were discussed in British and American newspapers.  The history of European migration to North America and Canada throughout the nineteenth century is one of the best-researched instances of mass migration waves in the modern world. Newspapers were important in facilitating emigration, as they provided useful information for potential emigrants about the journey and destination country through advertisements of the numerous associated businesses involved in the trade of emigration: shipping companies, emigration agents and so on. These newspapers also extensively discussed the merits and drawbacks of mass emigration and this project aims to uncover dominant and recurring themes in the British and American corpora of the late nineteenth century.


Teaching summary

Currently, I am teaching on interdepartmental SELCS and CMII modules:

UG Modules

ELCS 6027 Nationalism and Ethnicity in Western Europe

ELCS 6109 Topics in European History

ELCS 4103 Language and Ideology

PG Modules

EUROGO04 Topics in Cultural Studies: The City

EUROGO15 Questions of European Integration

LITCGOO3 Comparative Literary Studies