Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry


New Students 2017/18


Welcome to CMII! We're looking forward to meeting you in person soon. Starting a new degree can be challenging, so we have put together the most important information in the list of frequently asked questions below. Please get in touch if you cannot find the answer to your question in this list. 

For questions about the content of your programme, please contact the convenor/s of your MA/MSc.

For practical and administrative questions concerning your studies, please contact the CMII office: patrizia.oliver@ucl.ac.uk or j.wagner@ucl.ac.uk.

For questions related to admissions, please contact the admissions officer: selcs.admissions@ucl.ac.uk.


What happens during induction week?
How do I find out which modules I can take?
How do I register for modules?
When should I register my choices on Portico?
How do I get a UCL user ID and password?
Can I take a module that is not on the list of recommended options?
I have found a module I really like, but it is for undergraduates – Can I register for it?
I can’t decide between two modules – can I try both and make up my mind later?
I registered for a module on Portico, but my choice was ‘rejected’ – what do I do now?
Can I attend modules that I have not registered for on Portico?
How do I find out where and when my modules take place?
What is Moodle and how do I get access?
Who is my personal tutor and what are they for?
What are StARS and how do I sign up to become one?
I feel overwhelmed – who can I talk to?
Where can I find information about my degree?
What is Portico?
I'm new to UCL. Where can I find more information?
I'm an international student. Where can I find information that is specific to me?
What are the term dates?
When will lectures start?
How can the Student Centre help me?

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