The Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry

6 October 2013

Graduate Society for Researchers in SELCS and CMII

The Graduate Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry holds fortnightly discussion seminars.

This seminar is an opportunity for Graduate Students in SELCS and CMII to present their work - a chapter, essay, a research, conference proposal, work in progress - to a group of peers in an informal setting, followed by a group discussion. It offers researchers and graduates the chance to get constructive feedback on their work from other PhD students, discuss their research, and join in the interdisciplinary exchange so important to the research community at UCL. 

It is also an excellent opportunity to socialise and meet other graduate students at UCL, as this can often be difficult in such a large university and in the Arts & Humanities in particular. 

Other than the person presenting, no preparation is required, all that is asked is that you show up and are willing to engage and contribute in the discussion. 

The discussion seminar takes place every second Wednesday in the FIGS Common Room, 17, Gordon Square at 18.00 and lasts 1-2 hours.

Every discussion seminar is accompanied by wine and nibbles.