6 October 2013

Graduate Society for Research Students

The Graduate Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry holds fortnightly discussion seminars.

The society meets during term time for a fortnightly seminar. Graduate students present aspects of their research followed by discussion.This seminar is an ideal way for students to meet each other, present and discuss their research in an informal setting, and gather feedback from their peers.

The meetings take place fortnightly Wednesday at 5:30pm and last 1-2 hours. Details about the dates and venue for the academic year 2017/18 will be posted here in due course.

The seminar is sponsored by FIGS, and wine and nibbles accompany every meeting. If you are interested in presenting or you want to join our mailing list, please email us at: culturalinquiry.ucl@gmail.com

Past speakers/topics:

2 March 2016

US Election Race Roundtable Forum

17 February 2016

Melissa Powell: Motherhood, Freud, and Feminism in Truffaut's The 400 Blows

3 February 2016

Rodrigo Vivas Pinto: C.G. Jung and the Comparative Method

20 January 2016

Alex Lee: 'After Bianchi - The Legacy of a Popular Religious Revival'

Tiia Sahrakorpi: Memory of the Third Reich in Hitler Youth Memoirs

16 December 2015

Ayesha Ahmed: Derrida's Gift of Death and Violence in American Southern Fiction

Xin Li: Silence in First Nations Fiction

2 December 2015

Dzimitry Suslau: Public Art and Urban Identities

Mary Hannity: Arendt, Freud, and collective feeling

Sophie Fuller: Dante and the Classical Poets

18 December 2015

Yulie Suleyeva: The Interaction between a Re-Emerging Dominant Discourse and Cultural Expressions in Post-Soviet Russia

Kent Su: Ezra Pound and Asia

Asha Hornsby: The Language of Sympathy: Fiction and the

Victorian Vivisection Debate

4 November 2015

Jakob von Baeyer: Cosmopolitanism in contemporary theory and fiction

Letizia Fusini: Twentieth-century cross-cultural tragic modernities: the case of Gao Xingjian's post-exile play Escape (Taowang 1990)

21 October 2015

Charlotte Thevenet

Melissa Powell: A Swedish love story? Queering the coming-of-age romance with Ester Martin Bergmark's 'Something Must Break'