29 May 2014 | 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

London’s Burning: Our Habitat in Times of Crisis

Roberts Lecture Theatre 106, Roberts Building, Malet Place, London, WC1H 0AT
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Contemporary discussions of the crisis of global capitalism depict the city as a locus of particular vulnerability; the centre of a pattern of intersecting and mutually reinforcing calamities. London’s Burning aims to capture what is seen as the emergence of a new historical consciousness of crisis, and offer a collective critical reflection on its workings. The discussion is the result of a group of researchers forming a creative and constructive dialogue between disciplines, in what has recently been described as a ‘politics of microspection’.

Led by Florian Mussgnug, the contributors will deliberately adopt the standpoint of the local, the habitat, and explore how the sites of our daily life in London – our private and shared spaces, images, stories – can point the way to a new experience of the planet.