Maureen Freely - Engaged Translation


11 September 2013

Maureen Freely talks with Timothy Mathews. Maureen Freely has translated five books by Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature: 'Snow', 'The Black Book', 'Istanbul: Memories of a City', 'Other Colours' and 'The Museum of Innocence'. She is the author of seven novels: 'Mother's Helper', 'The Life of the Party', 'The Stork Club', 'Under the Vulcania', 'The Other Rebecca', 'Enlightenment'; 'Sailing through Byzantium' is published in October.

Maureen Freely is active in various campaigns to champion free expression. She also works with campaigns aiming to promote world literature in English translation.  She has been a regular contributor to the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent and the Sunday Times writing on feminism, the family and social policy, Turkish culture and politics, and contemporary writing. Here she talks widely and openly about her relationship with Pamuk, with Turkey, and her lived experiences of westernization, ethnic identity and the pursuit of freedom.

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