Between the Lines: Conversations in Translation

What makes translation creative? What happens when we read translations? Go to 'Between the Lines' to hear translators in conversation about their work. As well as translators, writers, critics talk personally and freely with Timothy Mathews about different experiences of translation. Publishers of translations talk about discovering books in different languages and about making them accessible.

These conversations tell stories about the lives of books in different languages, and about giving writers new lives in new languages. They are informal and unedited, and open to anyone who loves reading. Listen to people talking about how translation enhances the fun of literature instead of diluting it. Hear about the intimate and unheard conversations that go on inside translation itself.

You can also hear about plays performed in translation, or in their original language but not their original country. Are you interested in art? Hear about translating between word and image. Are you interested in the creative process? Hear about how translation can ignite it.

Between the Lines is run by Professor Timothy Mathews, School of European Languages Culture and Society, UCL, and was jointly conceived with Simon Cooke, Post Doctoral Fellow in English at Edinburgh University. If you would like further information please email Georgia Panteli at g.panteli@ucl.ac.uk.