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Kevin photo

Dr Kevin Fong


  • Long-duration Human Space Flight
  • Innovation & Technology transfer
  • Medical Data Mining
  • Critical illness Postoperative outcome
  • Major incident planning & surge capacity
e: k.fong[at]
t: @kevin_fong
Dr Iya Whiteley

Dr Iya Whiteley

Deputy Director

  • Space Psychology, Long-duration Human Space Flight
  • Selection & Training
  • Cognitive System Engineering
  • Human Factors
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human-Robot Interaction
e: i.whiteley[at]

Khan Baykaner

Research Assistant

  • Machine Learning
  • Speech Analysis
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Auditory Masking 
  • Speech Intelligibility in Auditory Interference Scenarios
Tom Pollard

Tom Pollard

PhD Student

  • Archiving and Analysis of Physiological Data
  • Open Access Publishing & Open Data
e: tom.pollard.11[at]
t: @tompollard

CSM Steering Group
  Name and Position  Interest  Contact Info
Prof Alan Smith

Prof Alan Smith

Professor of Detector Physics

Director of Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Head of Department Space & Climate Physics

Space & Climate Physics e: as[at]
Dr Anna Clark

Dr Anna Clark

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Business Enterprise e: anna.clark[at]  
Prof Monty Mythen

Prof Monty Mythen

Smith Medical Professor of Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Director of Centre for Anaesthesia

Director for Joint UCLH/UCL Biomedical Research Unit 

Critical Care Medicine e: m.mythen[at]

 CSM UCL Partners and Collaborators

  Name and Position  Interest  Contact Info    
Dr Eric De Silva

Dr Eric de Silva

Associate Director for Research & Development, Institute of Biomedical Engineering

University-based innovation and experimental medicine, infectious disease epidemiology, evolutionary genetics, systems biology, astrobiology&  science communication e:    
Prof Clare Elwell

Prof Clare Elwell

Professor of Medical Physics

Head of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Group, Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory

Near Infrared Spectroscopy Instrumentation, Development, Monitoring Brain Injury In Adults, Children And Neonates, Functional Activation Studies In Adults And Young Infants, Mathematical Modelling Of Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism, Muscle Oxygenation Studies In Athletes e: celwell[at]    
Dr Nick Everdell

Dr Nick Everdell

Senior Research Associate, Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory

Medical Instrumentation Development e:    
Dr Andy Faulkner

Dr Andy Faulkner

Head of Research Department Speech Hearing and Phonetics Sciences

Speech Perception, Hearing, Hearing Impairment & psychoacoustics e: a.faulkner[at]  
Prof Nilli Lavie

Prof Nilli Lavie

Head UCL's Attention and Cognitive Control Lab

Attention, Cognitive control, their brain mechanisms and the effects on cognition  e: n.lavie[at]    
Prof Louise Harra

Prof Louise Harra

Prof of Physics

Solar Physics & Medical Data Mining e: lkh[at]    
Dr Mark Huckvale

Dr Mark Huckvale

Senior Lecturer in Speech Sciences, Phonetics & Linguistics

Speech and Hearing Science, Speech Technology & Experimental Phonetics e: m.huckvale[at]    
Terence Leung

Dr Terence Leung

EPSRC CAF Research Fellow, Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory

Biomedical Optics, Physiological Measurement, Computer and Mathematical Modeling, Pattern Recognition,  Signal Processing, & applying near infrared light to investigate the human body e: tsl[at]    
Prof Chris McManus

Prof Chris McManus

Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, University College London

Medical students: Origins, Selection, Attitudes & Culture e: i.mcmanus[at]    
Dr Vivek Muthurangu

Dr Vivek Muthurangu

Group Lead, Centre for Cardiovascular MR Cardiorespiratory Unit

Fast Imaging, Stress MRI, GPU Image Reconstruction, Vessel Analysis & MR Augmented Cardiac Catheterisation e: v.muthurangu[at]  
Prof Geraint Rees

Prof Geraint Rees

Director of the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Deputy Head of the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences

Neural Basis of Consciousness, Clinical Academic training, Public Policy & Brain Imaging Technologies

e: g.rees[at]

t: profgeraintrees


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