UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics



Envisat RA-2 sensor performance and non-ocean measurement monitoring service with Expert Support Laboratory for RA2 Level-2 Ice Processing and Operational performance monitoring and QA

Envisat ("Environmental Satellite")

1 March 2002

Envisat was launched as an Earth observation satellite. Its objective was to service the continuity of European Remote-Sensing Satellite missions, providing additional observational parameters to improve environmental studies.

In working towards the global and regional objectives of the mission, numerous scientific disciplines currently use the data acquired from the different sensors on the satellite, to study such things as atmospheric chemistry, ozone depletion, biological oceanography, ocean temperature and colour, wind waves, hydrology (humidity, floods), agriculture and arboriculture, natural hazards, digital elevation modelling (using interferometry), monitoring of maritime traffic, atmospheric dispersion modelling (pollution), cartography and study of snow and ice.

The mission is due to be replaced by the Sentinel series of satellites

Software Provided:

  • RA2 Instrument Simulator [RAS] - retracking evaluation study
  • Language: C, IDL
  • Plaform/Operating system: Sun Unix