Scientific Programme

You can download the detailed conference programme:

Programme (PDF)

Summary timetable:

Monday 7 July 

Morning: Comets

Afternoon: Off. This free period can be used to watch the Tour de France or visit the British Museum (Rosetta Stone).

Early evening: Poster previews and Rickard Lundin talk about Hannes Alfvén followed by reception (ice-breaker) with drinks.

Tuesday 8 July

Morning: Comets, Mars

Afternoon: Mars

Evening: Public outreach talk by Matt Taylor: The Rosetta Story: A Comet, an amazing spacecraft and their journey around the Sun 

Wednesday 9 July 

Morning: Mars, Venus

Early afternoon: Mars - Venus comparison

Late afternoon: Off

Evening: Thames dinner cruise (main social event)

Thursday 10 July 

Morning: Mars - Venus - comet comparison

Afternoon: Mars - Venus - comet comparison cont., solar system moons, asteroids

Evening: Poster session

Friday 11 July 

Morning: Solar system moons, asteroids

Afternoon: Mercury and other magnetised planets

Mid-afternoon: Finish

Invited Speakers

David Andrews, Stas Barabash, Anil Bhardwaj, Dave Brain, Tom Cravens, Konrad Dennerl, Wing Ip, Bruce Jakosky, Xianzhe Jia, Geraint Jones, Esa Kallio, Christoph Koenders, Rickard Lundin, Christian Mazelle, Chris Paranicas, Martin Rubin, Yoshifumi Saito, Joachim Saur, Jim Slavin, Matt Taylor, Oleg Vaisberg and Olivier Witasse.

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