UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Research Staff

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Dr Deborah Baker+44 1483 204 179deborah.baker@ucl.ac.ukSolar Physics 
Dr Jo Bartlett+44 1483 204 206/180j.bartlett@ucl.ac.ukCryogenics 
Ms Louisa Bradley+44 1483 204 105louisa.bradley@ucl.ac.ukDetection Systems
Mr Edward Bryant edward.bryant@ucl.ac.ukAstrophysics
Dr Zofia Chrobakova  Astrophysics
Mr Jesse Coburn j.coburn@ucl.ac.ukSolar Plasma Physics
Prof Len Culhane+44 1483 204 139j.culhane@ucl.ac.ukSolar Physics 
Dr Khaled Darwish k.darwish@ucl.ac.ukSpace Plasma Physics 

Mr Graham Hardy

+44 1483 204 197/189/185graham.hardy@ucl.ac.ukCryogenics 
Ms Emily Ingman e.ingman@ucl.ac.ukAstrobioglogy
Dr Alex James alexander.james.15@ucl.ac.ukSolar Physics
Dr Christopher Kelly+44 1483 204 200christopher.kelly@ucl.ac.ukSpace Plasma Physics 
Mr Andrew Malpuss+44 1483 204 277a.malpuss@ucl.ac.ukDetection Systems
Mr Kevin Mulder  k.mulder@ucl.ac.ukArtificial Intelligence for Imaging
Mr Matt Price ucasma@ucl.ac.ukImaging Science 
Dr Andrei Samsonov+44 1483 204 210a.samsonov@ucl.ac.ukSpace Plasma Physics 
Dr George Seabroke+44 1483 204 902g.seabroke@ucl.ac.ukAstrophysics 

Dr Anibal Sierra Morales

Dr Alessio Spurio Mancini+44 1483 204 200a.spuriomancini@ucl.ac.ukAstrophysics
Dr Esa Vilenius  Astrophysics
Dr Dave Walton+44 1483 204 190d.walton@ucl.ac.ukDetection Systems 
Dr Anne Wellbrock+44 1483 204 244a.wellbrock@ucl.ac.ukPlanetary Science
Dr Iya Whiteley i.whiteley@ucl.ac.ukSpace Medicine 
Dr Ziri Younsi+44 1483 204 134 z.younsi@ucl.ac.ukAstrophysics