UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Space Science Week

Every year we run a summer scheme (normally in July), known as Space Science Week, for 16 to 18 year olds interested in pursuing space science or engineering as a career.

The week-long course explores a range of different topics through talks from staff, hands-on interactive workshops and participation in a group research project using real space data to investigate a phenomenon or idea. In previous years participants have worked with data from space-based solar telescopes, planned a Mars sample return mission, and learnt about the current and upcoming activities that MSSL is involved with. At the end of the week, students present their group research project to the Space Science Week attendees and members of the department. This week is organised and run by PhD students at MSSL and is attended by widening participation students (70%) and local school students (30%). 

UCL Space week

Previous attendees have said: 

“My eyes have really been opened to solar physics! It was also really interesting to learn some python, having no previous experience.”
“I really enjoyed the week it was one of the best experiences I’ve had, the supervisors and moderators were friendly, … and guided us through the work while still encouraging us to work together as a team. Thank you so much for this week. :)”
“My highlight was researching a topic that I have never heard of which made me really excited and hopeful for future use of this work”

Students interested in attending our Space Science Week should submit an application in the spring. Students must be aged 16 to 18 and be interested in going into space science or engineering fields. For more information please contact Philippa Elwell – p.elwell@ucl.ac.uk