New Low Energy Plasma and Ion Calibration (LEPIC) system at MSSL

6 March 2012

MSSL Engineer working on the new LEPIC system

MSSL scientists and engineers are today celebrating the first successful operation of the electron beam in the laboratory's new Low Energy Plasma and Ion Calibration system (LEPIC). The original design concept for the novel two-chamber electron beam system was devised by Senior Instrumentation Scientist, Dhiren Kataria, and Facilities Manager, Alex Rousseau. Dhiren said, "We are delighted with this positive result, which is a testament to the hard work and expertise of the whole LEPIC team at MSSL. Thanks go in particular to Alex Rousseau for his part in building the system and to Gary Davison for developing the automation and control systems. We will now concentrate on commissioning the entire system to ultimately provide a world class facility that will underpin MSSL's space plasma instrumentation programme for, we hope, many years to come."

Construction of the LEPIC system was made possible through the investment of a £500k HEFCE Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF) grant. The vacuum hardware and control system were supplied by VG Scienta in St. Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex, while the ion beam components were purchased from Peabody Scientific of Massachusetts, USA. LEPIC's first calibration campaign will be in support of MSSL's development of the Electron Analyser System (EAS), which forms part of the Solar Wind Analyser (SWA, PI: Prof. Chris Owen) on ESA's Solar Orbiter mission.

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