UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Training for Space Weather Forecasters at MSSL

30 June 2017

Congratulations to Prof. Lucie Green who was awarded the IoP's 2017 Lise Meitner Medal and Prize for distinguished contributions to public outreach

Participants and trainers for the Met Office Space Weather Forecasters training workshop at MSSL. (c) MSSL

MSSL hosted its first Training Workshop for Space Weather Forecasters this week. The 3-day course, designed in collaboration with the Met Office, provided space weather forecasters from the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre (MOSWOC) with the chance to explore some of the new science in solar-terrestrial physics with potential applications to space weather with experts from both the MSSL Solar Physics and Space Plasma Physics Groups.

Prof. Lucie Green, who led the course, said “it was fascinating to explain some of our science to the people that use it day-to-day, and to get their perspective on what aspects of science are of real interest to them and their customers”.

The course covered a range of aspects of solar and space plasma physics, from the formation of filaments and eruptive regions on the Sun, to geomagnetic storms and high-energy particles in near-Earth space and the different instrumentation needed to provide space weather observations.