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This is just an experiment

I thought I'd written something here but it's disappeared.

I used uvotimsum on 27/10/22
Redo these using pixsize=
0.5 arcsec = 0.000138
half this is 0.000069
Also take the opportunity to change the names of the files.
>uvotimsum pixsize=0.00007 @ulist_uls.txt => u_uls_hires.fits
>uvotimsum pixsize=0.00007 @ulist_det.txt => u_det_hires.fits
>fcarith u_det_hires.fits[1] 0.831 u_det_hiresm.fits MULT
Now find the coords of the nearby star again.
u_uls_hires => 3299, 3409
u_det_higresm => 3092.5, 3269.75
Put these into coords_hires.txt
Now I've made sub_ims_hiresbig.fits. take some screenshots.
Not too bad.
Try one more iteration, using contours to choose coordinates of top point in galaxy.
No better.
Sent sub_ims_hiresbig.fits and sub_ims_reg.png to Phil Evans.
Is it worth repeating with a different filter? Long process of sorting out images into lists etc....

and I need a link somewhere here to something turned out to be XMM

MSSL People


not sure about this.

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