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Clone of General Information

Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2019

The departmental internal assessment process is outlined in the document below.

Access to MSSL site

During cold weather, the MSSL Snow Cams can be accessed using the two links below. Currently, access to the MSSL site is normal (07:50, 01/02/2019)


You will be prompted for a username and password.

The username is         lookout
The password is         Ariel40minutes


You can book travel through UCL's supplier, Key Travel.  In order to book you need to log into the following site:


You will need to use your UCL username and password. The tool uses Single Sign-on functionality for all UCL staff. UCL registered students can access the tool via Single Sign-on to browse travel, but cannot book; only staff can confirm bookings.  Should you require help with booking travel please contact the general office who will assist you with your query.  Key Travel has produced a Factsheet which provides useful information on important contacts as well guidelines on how to book travel.

Car Sharing

Because of the remoteness of MSSL and the adverse contribution to climate change that car journeys are making we are looking to set-up an online car-sharing spreadsheet so that staff/students can publish journeys they are planning to take so staff/students at MSSL could arrange to car share.

To participate either as a driver or a passenger complete the information on the Car Share spreadsheet

The benefits of car sharing include:

•             reduced fuel costs and parking fees

•             better air quality and lower carbon emissions due to reduced traffic fumes

•             less congestion and shorter journeys due to fewer cars being on the road

•             an increased chance of finding a parking space, because fewer cars means less competition for spaces

•             journeys being more pleasant due to having company

Tips for car sharing:

•             always confirm the time, date and price of your car share journey before the actual journey takes place

•             exchange contact details with your car share – it makes life much simpler if you can give them a call to check or rearrange any details

•             if you are the car sharing driver, you should check with your insurance company that you are covered to carry passengers

•             don’t smoke in somebody else’s car without asking their permission first

•             check if it’s okay to bring food and drink on the journey and to consume them in the car

•             don’t be late: if you're car sharing it’s important to be on time, as it’s not just yourself but potentially three or four other people that you will be holding back

•             keep an open mind: some people like to chat, some prefer to commute quietly (be prepared to make small talk or alternatively to listen to the radio)

The more people talk about car sharing, the more people will be encouraged to do it.

The more people that car share, the fewer cars on the road, meaning less traffic, less congestion, and quicker journey times.


Induction documents

Order form

If you wish to place an order, please complete the obtain the order form required authorisation and submit this to Julia Wehrle in the main admin office.


Telephone numbers

Telephone numbers of staff based on the main UCL campus can be obtained through the UCL Telephone Directory.

MSSL publishes a regularly updated telephone list for staff based in Dorking.

UCL Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Policy

UCL has published a Heating, Colling and Ventilation Policy to ensure that all staff and students have a comfortable working temperature while reducing the University's impact on the environment.

Summer and Work Experience Students

All summer and work experience students should be approved by the Head of Department prior to arrival. Part 1 of the approval form should be completed by the relevant member of staff and signed off by the Head of Department. Once approved, Part 1 should be submitted to the main admin office at MSSL prior to the student’s arrival and Part 2 either prior to the student's arrival or as soon as possible after their arrival.  Please ensure that Philippa is notified of the proposed desk to be used in advance of the submission of the form.  All expenses, including transportation to and from the airport should be covered by the students.

General information

Maintenance requests at MSSL should be reported to the following email address: repairs@mssl.ucl.ac.uk
In the event of unforeseen absence, sickness, etc. please contact your line manager and the general office (office@mssl.ucl.ac.uk).

Any accidents/hazards should be reported to the Safety Officer (Colin Wehrle)

Please familiarize yourself with the Risk Assessment for your areas by speaking to your line manager.


IT issues should be reported to https://problems.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/glpi/
Forms for computer access codes are held by the MSSL computer department and UCL will send you passwords for accessing the UCL system.
Computer Regulations: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/informationsecurity/policy
There are a number of generic email addresses that can be used:

office@mssl.ucl.ac.uk (this should be used to contact the general office at MSSL)

mssl_only@mssl.ucl.ac.uk (this includes all departmental staff and students)

mssl_site@mssl.ucl.ac.uk (this includes only staff and students who are based in Surrey)

repairs@mssl.ucl.ac.uk (this should be used to report maintenance requests)

Catering facilities at MSSL - including weekly menu

MSSL has an excellent canteen that serves a variety of lunches and snacks.  Lunch requirements need to be booked before 11.00 am each day (in order to make a booking please go to the canteen and place your order on the sheet provided).  Lunch is served between 12.00 and 1.00 pm.  Free afternoon refreshments are available daily in the kitchen between 2.45pm & 3:15pm Monday to Thursday and from 2.20pm on Friday. The weekly menu is available below but can be subject to last minute changes.


Social Club

MSSL has a vibrant social club which organises activities throughout the year.  Annual membership fees are £18 for students and £24 for staff.  This also allows access to the open-air swimming pool which can be used throughout the year.  For more information please contact Jo Bartlett or Andy Fenney.

Green Initiative

Green Impact is a UCL-wide environmental competition that allows departments to improve their environmental impact.  https://www.ucl.ac.uk/greenucl/about-us

UCL has ambitious goals to be carbon neutral by 2024 and net zero by 2030 (well ahead of the UK government’s target date of 2050)

UCL’s Sustainability Manifesto can be read at https://www.greenimpact.org.uk/ucl

MSSL’s Green Impact Team achieved a bronze award for sustainability last year, and a bronze award for the biodiversity project, which included building a duck house, that will aim to encourage and increase the populations of wildlife in our local area.

This year we are aiming for silver awards. Upcoming projects include a wildlife pond, bird and bat boxes, a bee tree hive and a garden at Taviton Street.

So why not join the Green Impact team at MSSL ? Email greenimpact@majordomo.mssl.ucl.ac.uk

  Meet other people with similar interests

  Take part in local biodiversity projects

  Tackle UCL’s major sustainability issues and make a real positive impact

  It’s fun and it’s free

Follow the Green Impact Team : Twitter @msslgreenimpact   Facebook @MSSLGreenImpact   Instagram msslgreenimpact