2011 Publications


2012A&A...537A..15S: Schady,+ (Page, Oates, de Pasquale): The dust extinction curves of gamma-ray burst host galaxies

2012MNRAS.419..377S: Smith,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: point source catalogues from deep Herschel-SPIRE observations

2011arXiv1112.2942K: Karczewski,+ (Page): A Multi-wavelength MOCASSIN Model of the Magellanic-type Galaxy NGC 4449

2011arXiv1112.3348F: Fritz,+ (Page): The Herschel Exploitation of Local Galaxy Andromeda (HELGA). I: Global far-infrared and sub-mm morphology

2011IAUS..277..250M: Martel,+ (Kawata): Chemical Signature of Gas-rich disc-disc Mergers at high Redshift

2011MNRAS.418.2527IInoue,+: Cores and revived cusps of dark matter haloes in disc galaxy formation through clump clusters

2011ApJ...743..122A: Afonso,+ (Seymour): Ultra Steep Spectrum Radio Sources in the Lockman Hole: SERVS Identifications and Redshift Distribution at the Faintest Radio Fluxes

2011Natur.480...72T: Thöne,+ (Oates, De Pasquale): The unusual gamma-ray burst GRB 101225A from a helium star/neutron star merger at redshift 0.33


2011ApJ...743...44C: Clayton,+ (Matsuura): The Circumstellar Environment of R Coronae Borealis: White Dwarf Merger or Final-helium-shell Flash?

2011arXiv1111.5535MMignani: Optical pulsations from isolated neutron stars

2011arXiv1111.3202F: Falocco,+ (Page): Averaging the AGN X-ray spectra from deep Chandra fields

2011arXiv1111.3769V: Valentini,+ (Pasetto): First Results for the Solar Neighborhood of the Asiago Red Clump Survey

2011arXiv1111.4158V: Viganò,+ (Zane, Turolla): The influence of magnetic field geometry on magnetars X-ray spectra

2011AJ....142..193B: Boeche,+ (Seabroke): The RAVE Catalog of Stellar Elemental Abundances: First Data Release

2011arXiv1111.1623R: Ruchti,+ (Seabroke): Metal-Poor Lithium-Rich Giants in the RAVE Survey


2011arXiv1110.5273MMignani,+: VLT observations of Fermi pulsars

2011MNRAS.417.2239SSymeonidis,+ (Seymour, Page, Rawlings, Tugwell): Herschel/HerMES: the X-ray-infrared correlation for star-forming galaxies at z˜1

2011arXiv1110.3824KKawata,+ (GrandCropper): Stellar dynamics around transient co-rotating spiral arms

2011MNRAS.tmp.1655B: Bilir,+ (Seabroke): Identification of field dwarfs and giants in the second Radial Velocity Experiment Data Release

2011MNRAS.417..400R: Ramsay,+ (BarclayCropper): New short-period stellar pulsators at large Galactocentric distances


2011arXiv1109.6323FFerreras,+: The road to the red sequence: A detailed view of the formation of a "red and dead" massive galaxy at z~2

2011MNRAS.416.2792PPage,+ (Blustin): The nature of X-ray-absorbed quasi-stellar objects

2011AIPC.1358..154OOates,+ (Page, Schady, de Pasquale, Curran, Kuin, Zane) : A Statistical Comparison of the Optical/UV and X-ray GRB Afterglows Observed using the Swift UVOT and XRT

2011AIPC.1358..373BBreeveld,+ (Kuin, Page): An Updated Ultraviolet Calibration for the Swift/UVOT

2011ExA...tmp...59F: Feroci,+ (Zane, Mignani): The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)

2011arXiv1109.2898IInoue,+: Natures of a clump-origin bulge: a pseudobulge-like but old metal-rich bulge

2011A&A...533A.101MMignani,+: VLT observations of the two Fermi pulsars PSR J1357-6429 and PSR J1048-5832

2011MNRAS.tmp.1426L: Lagadec,+ (Matsuura): A mid-infrared imaging catalogue of post-asymptotic giant branch stars

2011MNRAS.tmpL.320Y: Yang,+ (Brocksopp): Transient relativistic ejections and stationary core in XTE J1752-223

2011Sci...333.1258MMatsuura,+: Herschel Detects a Massive Dust Reservoir in Supernova 1987A

2011MNRAS.416.1181I: Inoue: Corrective effect of many-body interactions in dynamical friction

2011AdSpR..48.1411Dde Pasquale,+ (Oates, Page, Zane, Breeveld, Still): Can a double component outflow explain the X-ray and optical lightcurves of Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts?

2011arXiv1108.6161I: Ishihara,+ (Matsuura): Galactic distributions of carbon- and oxygen-rich AGB stars revealed by the AKARI mid-infrared all-sky survey

2011arXiv1109.0005D: de la Rosa,+ (Ferreras): The link between the Star Formation History and [alpha/Fe]


2011ApJ...737..107V: Volk,+ (Matsuura): Erratum: "Discovery and Analysis of 21 mum Feature Sources in the Magellanic Clouds" (2011, ApJ, 735, 127)

2011Natur.476..421B: Burrows,+ (Breeveld): Relativistic jet activity from the tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole

2011MNRAS.tmp.1194B: Bonfield,+ (Page): Herschel-ATLAS: the link between accretion luminosity and star formation in quasar host galaxies

2011A&A...532A.113B: Burnett,+ (Seabroke): Distance determination for RAVE stars using stellar models. III. The nature of the RAVE survey and Milky Way chemistry

2011MNRAS.415.2652H: House,+ (Kawata): Disc heating: comparing the Milky Way with cosmological simulations

2011MNRAS.415.2798S: Snaith,+ (Kawata): A comparison of galaxy group luminosity functions from semi-analytic models

2011arXiv1108.0946L: La Barbera,+ (Ferreras): On the Radial Stellar Content of Early-Type Galaxies as a Function of Mass and Environment

2011RAA....11..947S: Sarty,+ (Wu): Photometric observations of three high mass X-ray binaries and a search for variations induced by orbital motion

2011arXiv1108.2488S: Steenbrugge,+ (Mehdipour, Branduardi-Raymont): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509 VII. Relative abundances of the warm absorber

2011ExA...tmp...41BBranduardi-Raymont,+: AXIOM: advanced X-ray imaging of the magnetosphere


2011arXiv1107.5488T: Turolla,+ (Zane): Is SGR 0418+5729 indeed a waning magnetar ?

2011EPJWC..1606011W: Wang,+ (Boudreault): The stellar and substellar mass function in central region of the old open cluster Praesepe from deep LBT observations

2011AJ....142...54C: Clayton,+ (Matsuura): The Dust Properties of Two Hot R Coronae Borealis Stars and a Wolf-Rayet Central Star of a Planetary Nebula: In Search of a Possible Link

2011ApJ...737....9R: Ruchti,+ (Seabroke): Observational Properties of the Metal-poor Thick Disk of the Milky Way and Insights into its Origins

2011MNRAS.415.1469RRahimi,+ (Kawata, Allende-Prieto): Metallicity gradients of disc stars for a cosmologically simulated galaxy

2011arXiv1107.4268B: Bilir,+ (Seabroke): Identification of field dwarfs and giants in RAVE

2011ApJ...736...55N: Norris,+ (Seymour): Deep Spitzer Observations of Infrared-faint Radio Sources: High-redshift Radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei?

2011MNRAS.415..306M: Miller-Jones,+ (Brocksopp): An accurate position for the black hole candidate XTE J1752-223: re-interpretation of the VLBI data

2011MNRAS.415..410SSoria,+ (Mehdipour): Accretion states of the Galactic microquasar GRS 1758-258

2011ApJ...735..127V: Volk,+ (Matsuura): Discovery and Analysis of 21 mum Feature Sources in the Magellanic Clouds

2011MNRAS.414.3627D: Dhillon,+ (Mignani): A search for optical bursts from the rotating radio transient J1819-1458 with ULTRACAM - II. Simultaneous ULTRACAM-Lovell Telescope observations

2011arXiv1107.0661K: Kriss,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. VI. HST/COS observations of the far-ultraviolet spectrum

2011arXiv1107.0660E: Ebrero,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. V. Chandra-LETGS observation of the ionized absorber

2011arXiv1107.0659MMehdipour,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. IV. Optical-UV-X-ray variability and the nature of the soft X-ray excess

2011arXiv1107.0658D: Detmers,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. III. The 600 ks RGS spectrum: unravelling the inner region of an AGN

2011arXiv1107.0657K: Kaastra,+ (Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. II. Analysis of high-quality Reflection Grating Spectrometer spectra

2011arXiv1107.0656K: Kaastra,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. I. Variability and spectral energy distribution


2011MNRAS.tmp..938T: Trujillo,+ (Ferreras): Dissecting the size evolution of elliptical galaxies since z˜ 1: puffing-up versus minor-merging scenarios

2011Msngr.144...21L: Lagadec,+ (Matsuura): A VISIR Mid-infrared Imaging Survey of Post-AGB Stars

2011A&A...531A.105MMignani,+: VLT observations of the candidate counterpart to PSR J0108-1431

2011ApJ...735..104K: Krimm,+ (Brocksopp): Discovery and Evolution of the New Black Hole Candidate Swift J1539.2--6227 during its 2008 Outburst

2011MNRAS.tmp..912E: Esposito,+ (Zane): Long-term spectral and timing properties of the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1833-0832 and detection of extended X-ray emission around the radio pulsar PSR B1830-08

2011arXiv1106.2469R: Racusin,+ (Oates, De Pasquale): Fermi and Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Population Studies

2011MNRAS.413.2696BBarclay,+: Stellar variability on time-scales of minutes: results from the first 5 yr of the Rapid Temporal Survey

2011arXiv1106.3219N: Norris,+ (Seymour): EMU: Evolutionary Map of the Universe

2011ExA...tmp...20D: den Herder,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, De Pasquale, Mignani, Page, Zane): ORIGIN: metal creation and evolution from the cosmic dawn

2011MNRAS.414..596W: Wang,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: detection of cosmic magnification of submillimetre galaxies using angular cross-correlation

2011MNRAS.414..677C: Coriat,+ (Brocksopp): Radiatively efficient accreting black holes in the hard state: the case study of H1743-322


2011A&A...531A.164W: Wang,+ (Boudreault): The substellar mass function in the central region of the open cluster Praesepe from deep LBT observations

2011ApJ...734...28A: Abdo,+ (Mignani): Observations of the Young Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7--3946 with the Fermi Large Area Telescope

2011ApJ...734L..12B: Burgarella,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: Lyman Break Galaxies Individually Detected at 0.7 <= z <= 2.0 in GOODS-N with Herschel/SPIRE

2011MNRAS.413.2791C: Carrera,+ (Page): A strongly star-forming group: three massive galaxies associated with a quasi-stellar object

2011arXiv1105.3015T: Thöne,+ (Oates, De Pasquale): An unusual stellar death on Christmas Day

2011arXiv1105.3506A: Aleman,+ (Matsuura): Modelling the Warm H2 Infrared Emission of the Helix Nebula Cometary Knots

2011MNRAS.413.2235W: Wilson,+ (Seabroke): Testing formation mechanisms of the Milky Way's thick disc with RAVE

2011AJ....141..205H: Hoversten,+ (Breeveld, Kuin, Page): Swift Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope Imaging of Star-forming Regions in M81 and Holmberg IX

2011ApJ...733..104D: De Luca,+ (Mignani): Discovery of a Faint X-Ray Counterpart and a Parsec-long X-Ray Tail for the Middle-aged, gamma-Ray-only Pulsar PSR J0357+3205

2011AJ....141..200M: Matijevic,+ (Seabroke): Single-lined Spectroscopic Binary Star Candidates in the RAVE Survey

2011ApJ...733L..12R: Riechers,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Dynamical Structure of the Molecular Interstellar Medium in an Extremely Bright, Multiply Lensed z ~= 3 Submillimeter Galaxy Discovered with Herschel

2011A&A...530A..39M: Mignani,+ (Zane, Cropper): VLT/FORS2 observations of the optical counterpart of the isolated neutron star RBS 1774

2011A&A...530A..42C: Corral,+ (Page): The X-ray spectral properties of the AGN population in the XMM-Newton bright serendipitous survey

2011AJ....141..187S: Siebert,+ (Seabroke): The RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): Third Data Release

2011arXiv1105.0586F: Falder,+ (Seymour): The Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS): The Environments of High-z SDSS Quasi-Stellar-Objects


2011MNRAS.413L..61Z: Zhou,+ (Soria): Ionization structure and Fe Kalpha energy for irradiated accretion discs

2011ApJ...732L..35C: Conley,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Discovery of a Multiply Lensed Submillimeter Galaxy in Early HerMES Herschel/SPIRE Data

2011arXiv1104.4115S: Scott,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Redshift Determination and CO Line Excitation Modeling for the Multiply-Lensed Galaxy HLSW-01

2011arXiv1104.4119G: Gavazzi,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Modeling of the HERMES J105751.1+573027 submillimeter source lensed by a dark matter dominated foreground group of galaxies

2011MNRAS.412.2026S: Siebert,+ (Seabroke): Detection of a radial velocity gradient in the extended local disc with RAVE

2011MNRAS.412.2641J: Jones,+ (Seymour): Radio and X-ray variability in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4051

2011arXiv1104.0796C: Curran,+ (Brocksopp): Swift observations of black hole candidate XTE J1752-223 during outburst

2011heep.conf..329ZZane,+: The magnetar emission in the IR band: the role of magnetospheric currents


2011AdSpR..47.1298ZZane,+: Modeling the broadband persistent emission of magnetars

2011AdSpR..47.1305N: Nobili,+ (Zane): Magnetar spectra and twisted magnetospheres

2011AdSpR..47.1312M: Mereghetti,+ (Zane): Two magnetars: SGR 1627--41 and 1E 1547--5408

2011AdSpR..47.1362C: Curran, (de Pasquale, Page)+: Testing the blast wave model with Swift GRBs

2011A&A...529A..19B: Bernardini,+ (Zane) : Multi-instrument X-ray monitoring of the January 2009 outburst from the recurrent magnetar candidate 1E 1547.0-5408

2011arXiv1103.4538T: Tiengo,+ (Mignani): The first deep X-ray and optical observations of the closest isolated radio pulsar

2011MNRAS.tmp..280SSeymour,+ (Page, Rawlings, Symeonidis,Tugwell): HerMES: SPIRE emission from radio-selected active galactic nuclei

2011arXiv1103.0955ZZane,+: Modelling lightcurves and spectra of transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsars

2011Natur.470..510A: Amblard,+ (Page, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Submillimetre galaxies reside in dark matter haloes with masses greater than 3×1011 solar masses

2011MNRAS.411.2792S: Starling,+ (Oates, De Pasquale, Kuin): Discovery of the nearby long, soft GRB 100316D with an associated supernova

2011arXiv1102.5419B: Bernardini,+ (Zane): Multi-instrument X-ray monitoring of the January 2009 outburst from the recurrent magnetar candidate 1E 1547.0-5408


2011arXiv1102.3433L: Leier,+ (Ferreras): Resolving the baryon-fraction profile in lensing galaxies

2011apn5.confE..97MMatsuura,+: Dust in AGB stars, post-AGB and planetary nebulae

2011apn5.confE.135A: Aleman,+ (Matsuura): Modelling the H2 IR emission of the Helix cometary knots

2011IAUS..275..255C: Coriat,+ (Brocksopp): Accretion-outflow connection in the outliers of the ``universal'' radio/X-ray correlation

2011A&A...528A..29I: Izumiura,+ (Matsuura): Extended dust shell of the carbon star U Hydrae observed with AKARI

2011arXiv1102.4561L: Lagadec,+ (Matsuura): A mid-infrared imaging catalogue of post-AGB stars

2011MNRAS.tmpL.212T: Tiengo,+ (Mignani): X-ray and optical observations of the closest isolated radio pulsar

2011AJ....141...90L: Lee,+ (Allende-Prieto): The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline. V. Estimation of Alpha-element Abundance Ratios from Low-resolution SDSS/SEGUE Stellar Spectra

2011MNRAS.411.1597W: Woods,+ (Matsuura): The SAGE-Spec Spitzer Legacy programme: the life-cycle of dust and gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud - Point source classification I

2011MNRAS.411.1909F: Fernandes,+ (Page): Evidence for a maximum jet efficiency for the most powerful radio galaxies

2011arXiv1102.3327Z: Zhou,+ (Soria): Ionization structure and Fe K$\alpha$ energy for irradiated accretion disks


2011MNRAS.tmp...84KKaviraj,+: A coincidence of disturbed morphology and blue UV colour: minor-merger-driven star formation in early-type galaxies at z˜ 0.6

2011MNRAS.tmp..120J: Jones,+ (Seymour): Radio and X-ray variability in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4051

2011ApJ...728..102W: Williams,+ (Seabroke): The Dawning of the Stream of Aquarius in RAVE

2010ATel.3092....1SSoria,+: Discovery of a Transient ULX in M83

2011arXiv1101.3295M: Martel,+ (Kawata): Chemical signature of gas-rich disc-disc mergers at high redshift

2011arXiv1101.2299E: Esposito,+ (Zane): SGR 0418+5729: a low-magnetic-field magnetar

2010ASPC..427..135Y: Yuan,+ (Wu): A Magnetohydrodynamical Model for the Formation of Episodic Jets

2011ApJ...726...99V: van der Horst,+ (Curran): Detailed Radio View on Two Stellar Explosions and Their Host Galaxy: XRF 080109/SN 2008D and SN 2007uy in NGC 2770
2011arXiv1101.1080A: Amblard,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Sub-millimetre galaxies reside in dark matter halos with masses greater than 3x10^11 solar masses

2011A&A...526A...8M: Middelberg,+ (Seymour): The radio properties of infrared-faint radio sources

2011ApJ...726...99V: van der Horst,+ (Curran): Detailed Radio View on Two Stellar Explosions and Their Host Galaxy: XRF 080109/SN 2008D and SN 2007uy in NGC 2770

2011MNRAS.410..484BBrocksopp ,+: Double-double radio galaxies: further insights into the formation of the radio structures

2011MNRAS.410..541CCurran ,+ (Brocksopp): Black hole candidate XTE J1752-223: Swift observations of canonical states during outburst

2011A&A...525A.106D: de Luca,+ (Mignani): HST and VLT observations of the neutron star 1E 1207.4-5209