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Jules Thorne Studentship

Applications for this studentship are now closed.

The UCL-Birkbeck MRC DTP have been asked to nominate a PhD candidate to a new initiative – the Sir Jules Thorne Trust PhD Scholarship. This scholarship is for PhD projects where the ultimate aim is to improve human health.

This 4-year scholarship is available for start in September 2019 only and is in addition to existing DTP studentships. Unlike other DTP studentships, where students use a rotation year to determine their subsequent research project and supervisors, this scholarship is awarded for the best combination of student, project and supervisory team.


Interested applicants will need to have a project in mind and a proposed primary supervisor to support their initial application.


Applications should be made to the department of the proposed primary supervisor via the appropriate online admissions portal (UCL or Birkbeck).


  1. The student must have first or upper second degree, and be paying fees at home student rate (UK domiciled).
    2. The ultimate aim of the project must be to improve human health.


1. All departments are asked to accept applications from prospective and current students until Friday, 4 January 2019.
2. The deadline for Departmental Nominations is Friday, 18 January 2019 and each academic unit can nominate at most ONE applicant.


Nominations are made by the supervisor’s department, these include:

1. Completed PhD application (UCL or Birkbeck as appropriate), which includes:
– Title and description of the proposed research project, not to exceed 2000 words or four sides of A4 (minimum font size Arial 11), including relevant references
– Applicant CV – not more than three sides of A4, font size Arial 11
2. Supervisor CV – including major publications relevant to the application, a list of current grant awards, and details of previous/current PhD supervision.  Not to exceed three sides of A4, font size Arial 11 in total.  This will be sent to the DTP alongside the student application.