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Earth Materials (GEOL0001)

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Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Teaching department
Earth Sciences
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Alternative credit options

There are no alternative credit options available for this module.


Through laboratory work, the course introduces students to:

• the chemistry and physical properties of minerals;

• morphological elements of crystallography;

• the optical properties of minerals, introduced in conjunction with use of the petrographic microscope;

• the physical, chemical and optical properties of the major rock-forming mineral groups.


Students will become familiar with the following concepts:

• phase diagrams;

• atomic structure and bonding in crystalline solids;

• principles of structural architecture: including close packing, coordination, number, interstitial sites, coordination polyedral;

• elementary crystallography;

• principles of crystal optics;

• use of the polarizing microscope.

In additon, they will have a thorough knowledge of the physical, chemical and optical properties of the major rock-forming mineral groups.

Module deliveries for 2020/21 academic year

Intended teaching term: Term 1     Undergraduate (FHEQ Level 4)

Teaching and assessment

Mode of study
Methods of assessment
48% Four practical write-ups (900 words maximum + diagrams)
12% One hand-specimen test (100 words)
40% Ten short question sheets
Mark scheme
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Dr Dominic Papineau
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