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Crossroads of Culture: Language and Identity in the Literatures of Ukraine from Crimea to the Shtetls (SEEE0012)

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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SSEES - East European Languages and Culture
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There are no alternative credit options available for this module.


The module introduces students to the literary and cultural history of the lands that constitute contemporary Ukraine. As well as familiarizing themselves with the rich cultural history of the region, students will also be encouraged to think of literature beyond national paradigms and in terms of mutual influence and hybridity. Sessions will focus on particular regions/cities and look at how these places functioned as ‘crossroads’ of culture, where writers from different national traditions co-existed and interacted. These will be Kyiv/ Central Ukraine, Crimea, the Carpathian mountains and Galicia.

Module deliveries for 2020/21 academic year

Intended teaching term: Term 2     Undergraduate (FHEQ Level 6)

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100% Essay (3,000 words)
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Dr Uilleam Blacker

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This module description was last updated on 5th March 2020.