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UCL Global Migration Network – PILOT SITE

Migration and its consequences are perhaps the key defining characteristics of contemporary global society. It is both a source of tremendous innovation and cultural cross-fertilisation as well as being frequently a source of conflict and political debate.

The UCL Global Migration Network brings together experts from the medical, social, and physical sciences, along with the arts and humanities, to explore the many-sided dynamics of global migration.


  • to encourage dialogue and debate across the many areas of expertise of UCL involved in migration
  • to open innovative opportunities for researchers for developing groundbreaking, challenging, crossdisciplinary academic projects focused on migration that build on the diversity of expertise within UCL
  • to develop and deliver high-quality interdisciplinary postgraduate teaching programmes in migration that actively engage with contemporary policy debates
  • to highlight the high-quality research and teaching in migration undertaken at UCL to a wider academic and general public audiences
  • to position UCL as a key informant to governments, business and the community about matters relating to global migration
  • to contribute to the UCL Grand Challenges of Intercultural Interaction, Sustainable Cities, Global Health and Human Wellbeing


  • organise high-profile research symposia and other open fora for multidisciplinary dialogue and debate in contemporary global migration issues
  • highlight funding opportunities to develop interdisciplinary research projects across UCL
  • develop and promote an interfaculty MSc in Migration, which offers a cutting-edge approach to contemporary intellectual and policy debates in migration.
  • produce an accessible interdisciplinary journal highlighting research on migration across UCL aimed at academics, students and the general public
  • develop partnerships with other universities, government, industry, funding bodies, trusts and charities, UK and international agencies to support our research, education, advocacy and public-policy initiatives in the area of global migration

Find out more

To find out more about the UCL Global Migration Network – or to register your own activity – please contact: Dr Pablo Mateos (UCL Geography): +44 (0)20 7679 7552 (internal x27552).