MPHYGB27/MPHYMB27/MPHY3B27: Computing in Medicine

Course Information

Course Credits
Term 1
Assessment Exam and coursework
Course Organiser
Dr Dean Barratt
Other Lecturers
Dr Adam Gibson
Dr Jamie McClelland

Aims and Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • critically evaluate a computer’s major hardware and software components
  • describe the use of computers in hospitals
  • understand the principles of computer-assisted diagnosis
  • understand the basics of computer programming
  • write computer programs in Matlab
  • understand the basics of image processing

Brief Syllabus

This module can be taken by Y3 students (iBSc, BSc and MSci), Y4 students (MSci) and MSc students. For more information, see the moodle page for the course.

Course Lecture hours
Computing in Medicine
Introduction to Matlab 9
Image Processing 9


• Computing in Medicine and Image Processing are assessed together in a 2
hour exam at start of Term 3 (67% of total mark).
• Matlab Programming - assessed by coursework (33% of total mark)