MPHYGB22/MPHYMB22/MPHY3B22: Applications of Biomedical Engineering

Course Information

Course Credits
Term 1
Assessment Exam
Course Organiser
Dr Terence Leung

Aims and Objectives

This module illustrates how the foundation knowledge of bioengineering is used in the provision of clinical services. Topics include EEG/ECG/EMG, respiratory measurement, rehabilitation engineering and aspects relating to medical devices.

Brief Syllabus

Course Lecture hours
Cardiovascular measurement 6
Respiratory function 6
Urology 6
Electrophysiology 6
Rehabilitation engineering 6
Hospital visit


We assume that you have met the minimum entry requirements for our undergraduate degree programmes (i.e. A level Mathematics (grade A preferred), Physics and one other A level at ABB or above, or equivalent). We also expect students to have taken at least one additional maths module in year 1 or 2. If you feel you meet the prerequisites through a non-standard route, please contact the module organiser. All variants of the modules (MPHY3B22, MPHYMB22 and MPHYGB22) have the same prerequisites.

Specific knowledge assumed:

Mathematics: Familiarity with manipulation of equations, trigonometry, differential and integral calculus (mixed polynomial, geometric and exponential functions), complex number, exponentials and vectors.

Physics / Engineering: No strict prerequisites but familiarity with gas laws, electrical circuits, forces, moments and conservation of energy would be helpful. The concepts will be revised quickly and then applied to the specific areas discussed in this module.

Biology: None. Familiarity with the anatomy of the heart and lungs would be useful. All necessary concepts will be reviewed during the module.

Other: None.


Two hour closed-book written examination