MPHYGB07: Computer-assisted Surgery and Therapy

Course Information

Course Credits
Term 2
Assessment Coursework and Examination
Course Organiser
Dr. Tom Vercauteren

Aims and Objectives

The module covers how information is computationally extracted from medical images and related sensors and how this is used to plan and guide clinical interventions including surgery and therapy.

Brief Syllabus

This module focusses on algorithms and software to extract information from pre-operative and intra-operative medical images as well as other medical sensors and the use of that information to guide clinicians in their interventions such as surgery and other forms of therapy. The module is provided by members of the Centre for Medical Image Computing. Topics include:

  • Surgical Planning
  • Surgical Navigation and Instrument Tracking
  • Intra-operative Multimodal Image Fusion
  • Applications of Computer Vision Tools to Endoscopic Imaging and Robotic Surgery
  • Image-guided Radiotherapy


Coursework and Examination.