UCL Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Past MARS Research-in-Progress Seminars


Thursday 23 October 2014
Adam Greenwood (UCL Italian)
'Marsilio Ficino and the Mirror of the Soul'

Thursday 19 February 2015
Timothy Demetris (UCL Italian)
'Cardinal Oliviero Carafa's 1472 Naval Expedition against the Turks: A Historical Reconstruction from Unpublished Sources'

Thursday 5 February 2015
Deborah Dawkin (UCL Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry)
'Early Modern Women Translators: A Re-evaluation of their Creative and Political Agency'

Thursday 19 March 2015
Emma Pauncefort (UCL French)
'The Construction of a Superior French Social Identity in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Travel Narratives on England'


Tuesday 13 May 2014
Jacqueline Derrick (UCL History)
'Marino Sanudo: Merchant Manuals, Crusade Proposals and Geographical Knowledge in the Fourteenth Century'

Tuesday 10 June 2014
Martine Gagnon (UCL Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies)
'A Spanish Friar in the English Court: James Mabbe's English Translation of Tratado de republica y policia christiana by Fray Juan de Santa María'


Tuesday 30 October 2012
Roberta Klimt (UCL English)
'Dante, Milton and the Tower of Babel'

Tuesday 11 December 2012
Emily Corran (UCL History)
'The Ethics of Lying and Sincerity in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries'

Tuesday 5 February 2013
Rosemary Macaulay (UCL Greek and Latin)
'Text, Paratext and Gender: The Printing of Female-Authored Neo-Latin in the Sixteenth Century'

Tuesday 19 March 2013
Hannah Crummé (UCL Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies)
'Medics and Mystics: Jewish Doctors, Spanish Spies and Gabriel Harvey'


Tuesday 1 November 2011
Federica Signoriello (UCL Italian)
'Satire in Fifteenth-Century Florence'

Tuesday 13 December 2011
Professor Michael Allen (UCLA) and Dr Dilwyn Knox (UCL)
'De Marsilio Ficino'

Tuesday 7 February 2012
Kate Maltby (UCL English)
'Boethius across Early Modern Europe'

Tuesday 20 March 2012
Oscar Schiavone (UCL Italian)
'Michelangelo Buonarroti: Forms of Knowledge between Literature and Art in the Renaissance'