UCL Medieval and Renaissance Studies


UCL Renaissance Latin Reading Group

Please note that this group will not be running in the 2017-18 academic year. Please look out for further updates for the next academic year.

A reading group focused on Latin texts from the Renaissance period for those wishing to improve their Latin through the reading and translation of historical texts. Each week a fifteenth- or sixteenth-century text will be introduced and a passage from it handed out to be translated as 'homework'. The following week translations will be compared and corrected and the text itself discussed.

Latin texts will include Enea Silvio Piccolomini's Epistolae, Pope Pius II's Commentarii, Cardinal Bessarion's Epistolae, Bartolomeo Platina's Liber de vita Christi ac omnium pontificum, the Contract for Ten Frescoes for the Sistine Chapel from the Vatican Secret Archives, Leonardo Bruni's Historiae Florentini populi, Pietro Bembo's Historiae Venetae libri XII, Jacopo Gherardi's Diario romano and a selection of Renaissance Latin inscriptions.

A previous acquaintance with the Latin language is required to engage with the Latin texts.

The reading group meets on Tuesdays at 6.00 p.m. in the Italian Seminar Room, Room 351, Third Floor, Foster Court, Malet Place

Wine will be provided.

Organised by Timothy Demetris (UCL Italian)

For further information, please contact: timothy.demetris.10@ucl.ac.uk