UCL Medieval and Renaissance Studies


UCL Interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance Seminar (IMARS)

UCL's Medieval and Renaissance Interdisciplinary Seminar is a graduate-founded and -run seminar which holds discussions across disciplines and departments.

The seminar takes questions of interest to Medievalists (writ large) as its point of departure.

Meetings take place on Mondays at 6:15pm in Gordon Square (26) G09. If you have any questions relating to the IMARS schedule, please contact Jack Ford for up-to-date information. All are welcome and drinks are served afterwards.


30 September 2019Andrew Rabin (University of Louisville) - The Charters of Æthelflæd
14 October 2019Barbara Bombi (University of Kent) - Diplomatic Communication: How to Convey Messages at the Papal Curia Between the 13th and 14th Century
11 November 2019Seb Falk (University of Cambridge) - Memorising Medieval Science: Astronomical Rhymes and Codes in Medieval Manuscripts
23 March 2020Katherine Harvey (Birkbeck) – Title TBC
4 May 2020John Marenbon (University of Cambridge) – Title TBC
18 May 2020Rebecca Rist (University of Reading) - Were medieval popes anti-Judaic or anti-Semitic?