UCL Division of Medicine



Perhaps the most striking element of the Applied Medical Sciences course is the level of enrichment activity and wider teaching built into the course. We are not simply teaching students facts, but how to think, communicate and develop themselves.

Enrichment activities include:

  • Developing creativity outside and alongside science through workshops and activities. View the famous TED talk about creativity by Sir Ken Robinson which provided some of the inspiration for our focus on creativity:

Ken Robinson's Talk

  • Developing superb written communication skills, an essential prerequisite for a successful scientific career. For example, we will ask students to write a dummy grant application - a key skill researchers need to get funding for their work
  • Attending  inspirational talks from great scientists, thinkers and contributors to public life. We have some exciting names lined up already
  • Competition on science related projects for inventions, teaching students how to innovate and work as a team and providing a chance to win real prize money

Outside of the course, UCL offers an exceptional range of activities that fit every lifestyle and interest, and ensure your time at university will be tremendously enjoyable. You can view a (very long!) list of all the clubs and societies available to UCL students - from sports and drama to dinosaurs and political activism - on the UCLU Website