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Applied Medical Sciences

A Biomedical Sciences degree with a difference

"Fusing Science with Medicine"


This is a biomedical science degree in which graduates develop a deep understanding of the biomedical sciences underpinned by a strong understanding of how the body works, how it goes wrong and therapeutics.

This requires a good knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology as well as a good understanding of the mechanisms of disease and human medicine. 

Thus, our students emerge with a strong understanding of medicine, its language, and the application of scientific discovery to human disease or physiology.

Guide to AMS

Our graduates have an extremely wide range of employment potential including:

  • Biomedical Research
  • Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Working in Public Health
  • Working in the Biotech Industry
  • Working on tissue regeneration and repair
  • Biomedical Entrepreneur
  • Sports Medicine
  • Clinical Trials
  • Graduate Medical Courses
  • Scientific Bodies (WHO, NGOs)

Based in UCL's world famous Division of Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital in leafy Hampstead, our students will be working alongside some of Europe's best researchers who, in addition to their teaching duties, are driving forward the cutting edge of medical innovation. 

With fresh, technology-led teaching and a strong focus on employability, the course is custom designed to give our graduates every advantage for the future.

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Professor Kevin Moore and Dr David Spratt

Programme Directors

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