UCL Division of Medicine


Division of Medicine Research Retreat 2022

30 June 2022

The Research Retreat took place on Thursday 30th June 2022 at the Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf, for the first time since 2019

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DoM Staff and Students from all departments in the Division of Medicine attended the retreat this year.  Academics and students presented their research through oral presentations and moderated poster presentations.

The DoM Retreat provided a snippet of what the Division of Medicine is all about - excellence, passion, ingenuity and collegiality.  You came out in great numbers, showed off your best science, and dazzled us all; you are fantastic. Its a pleasure and an honour to serve this Division. Again, we’d like to thank all who helped make the day a success - the organising committee, judges, speakers. We must also be thankful to our Dean, Professor Mark Emberton, who has always championed our annual away day both personally and at faculty level.  Finally, we must always remember our Professional Services team. Please be mindful that they make the magic happens in these tough and increasingly complex times!
Interim Director, Professor Derek Gilroy & Clinical Director, Professor Rachel Batterham

The Division would like to send congratulations to this year's prize winners who were awarded their certificates from Professor Batterham

Best Oral Presentation (Post-doctoral Researcher)

‘Can your kidneys make it to Mars and back? – Impacts of microgravity and galactic cosmic radiation on renal health’ (abstract)
Dr Keith Siew (Renal Medicine)

Best Oral Presentation (Student)

‘Disease module enrichment analysis uncovers dysregulated inflammatory gene and protein expression profiles in SLE with atherosclerosis‘ (abstract)
Laurel Woodridge (Experimental and Translational Medicine)

Best Moderated Poster (Post-doctoral Researcher)

'Reduced Levels of 12,13-DiHOME Correlate with Increased Levels of Immature Neutrophils in an Acute Inflammatory Response' (abstract)
Dr Parinaaz Jalali (Experimental and Translational Medicine)

Best Moderated Poster (Student)

'The TGFβ and Neuropilin-1 interaction' (abstract)
Anastasia Patsiarika (Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, Neurosciences)